Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cancer Blogs

Why do I read cancer blogs when I don't have cancer? I want to learn from their immense wisdom! :) and also 5 of my family members have had it...

my favorite blog to date is:

upon being apart of it, I frequently visit other peoples blogs who comment. Today I came across a real gem! :) wow you must check this blog out!


J said...

Howdy there! I've found your blog through the wonderful Kris Carr's blog :) I love your comments and have started to make myself of the commenter's that have blogs! I love visiting different blog sites so I'm really enjoying this. I also love that your cat is a dog :)

Jaime said...

hey! I also found your blog through Kris's blog.....the name of your blog is did you come up with it????

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Hi J and Jamie! :) thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

j~ you got any pets that pretend to be a different animal lol?!

jamie~ this is how I got my name- years ago I was watching the discovery channel, and they had a video of a monkey in a tree throwing his poop down at the people who where looking up at him.. LOL! (and the monkey looked like he was thoroughly enjoying throwing the poop, also the people below the monkey were laugh so hard) it was the funniest thing! I always though if I were a monkey I'd be just like that one, throwing poop at people who were watching me just for fun LOL! Only a monkey would be able to get away with doing stuff like like! LOL

Jamie said...

It's "J"...I changed my display name back to my regular name which is ironically jamie - same as your other commenter!
I just read your comment on CSC about the smoking and such - First - congrats on quiting! My boyfriend is trying and yikes...I think it's gonna be a rough road. His moods are just all over. And for him smoking was a way of controlling his stress (I've never smoked so I dont' know if it's like that for most smokers?) so he's just stressed right out! And I have to say I agree with the drinking and driving. Oh and seeing ppl text while they drive! Arg... I ride a motorcycle and twice I was nearly hit by a motorist. BOTH times the driver was on a cell phone and not looking where they were going! One didn't stop at a stop sign. Yeesh.

And I have a cat. But I don't think he thinks he's anything other than a cat that deserves a lot of attention :)

Oh, if you want my page is at

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Thanks! :) yeah your boyfriend does have a rough road ahead of him...smoking is a massive stress reducer...quitting is so hard- but take hope cause it is POSSIBLE! :) just tell him to hang in there each day- one day at a time lol. If he thinks about how he cant have a cigarette today, or tomorrow, and next week, and "oh my" 30 days from now- 'oh man! geez' - overwhelming cravings just pour in and you just think your gonna die if you actually had to live the next 30 days without a cigarette. lol! its sad, but true! lol!...So just keep encouraging him to just think about each day- just to get through today and that's it. Don't think about not smoking tomorrow, or next week etc- its really depressing to think about the long haul of quitting, when your actually trying to quit. etc. Also tell him to not watch any tv shows or movies where people are smoking, and don't hang out in places where people smoke, and dont watch people in the car next to you at the stop light! for real! lol
Over all the years I had smoked, and tried to quit, it took me about 10 times over the years before I actually was able to quit. And watching a movie where people had smoked, would end up causing me to "have" to go buy cigarettes and "screw it" trying to quit this week lol, "I'll try next month" lol!
and one time after i had quit for 2 years , I actually ended up smoking again after sitting next to a car with a guy at a stop light in his car smoking. It was a long light, the longest light ever! lol! and I just sat there and watched him smoke, and his smoke was coming into my window too- and then finally the light turned green lol...and for the next 2 weeks that image haunted me, and then all of a sudden a few tv shows had smoking themes (like one episode of friends where chandler started to smoke again lol), then I started to have dreams all the time of me smoking the entire dream..anyway, I was haunted by cigarettes everywhere i looked and then after 2 years of no smoking, i ended up giving in yet again and started to smoke. and then I ended up smoking for 5 more years...its a hard battle, but you just gotta work at it :) but like I said its possible! just keep on pressin on!
You can help your guy alot by just trying to not get him stressed or angry lol, and just be ESPECIALLY nice, sweet, and patient to him- even if he necessarily don't deserve it lol- and when hes mad, and frustrated, and short tempered, edgey, snippy, impatient, lol all those wonderful things lol! don't get mad, just know that IT'S NOT YOU!!! LOL it's his flesh DYING for some nicotine lol!
Hope I helped you some :)

Stay safe on your bike! :) geez thats crazy! at least you were paying attention, those sound like a close calls!
my uncle was killed on his motorcycle by a hit and run driver ...they never caught the driver either...

I'll totally check out your blog! :) thanks!

i wonder how many different Jamie's are on Kris' blog?lol! i responded to a jamie today- i dont know if it was you, or the other jamie, or some other at least theres only one poopslinger lol! makes it easy on yall! :)

EcoDea said...

Hey, have you seen this:

EcoDea said...

Did you find my blog thru Kris Carr' comments? Or are you a raw foodist too?
BTW: My blog is in Portuguese, not Spanish :)