Friday, November 16, 2007

"Ho Ho Ho" The Not Politically Correct Santa

Various stores and malls are no longer going to allow Santa to say "Ho Ho Ho" to the kids... Wanna know why? Well, I guess the stores don't wanna turn poor Santa into a pimp.
Ya catchin' on yet?
So what is the politically correct Santa 'allowed' to say to the kids who stand in line all day to see him? Well, how about "Ha Ha Ha" Yeah that's right, I said ha ha ha... True story! How pathetic is this politically correct crap getting?


Lauren Valentine said...

Hiya! Came across your blog from your comment on Kris' "Crazy Sexy" blog and thought I'd stop by!

And isn't that ridiculous about the Santa situation? I'm helping out with a documentary on Mall Santa's right now, and these poor guys have to follow so many rules on their "comments", handing out sweets, giving kids a hug... What kind of world are we living in when Santa can't give you a jolly Ho Ho Ho with a candy cane and pat on the head? BAH HUMBUG!

Well Happy Holiday's regardless, and I'm looking forward to reading more posts :-)

~ Lauren

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Thanks for stopping by :) Happy holidays back at ya!
Yeah I know the Santa situation is crazy these days! Its so dumb and totally out of control. I gotta another anti-politically correct post coming this week- about something so ridiculous, I really just can't believe how lame it is, its not about Santa but another children's icon attacked by the evil lol politically correct machine that's ruining our society...