Friday, November 16, 2007

"Slim Santa" another Politically Correct Santa

Yes, here is yet another sad kick to poor Santa's fat ha ha ha butt... (and in case you don't get the ha ha ha part read the ""Ho Ho Ho" The Not Politically Correct Santa" post below)
Stores now want a "Slim Santa" in order to teach children that being slim, nice and skinny is alot better and healthier than being fat. Maybe the kids can leave out a plateful of broccoli and cauliflower and a glass of soy milk for Santa instead of milk and cookies... oh yummy... I can't wait to see what the politically correct machine will do to Santa next year... Maybe a beardless, bald, naked Alien Santa. So as to not offend any other potential life organism in a galaxy far far away.


Jamie said...

I love the alien santa idea! lol

Lauren Valentine said...

Ugh, I've already commented on your other Santa post (below) but couldn't help re-putting in my two cents on this one.

MAN it's kind of infuriating isn't it?!!?! Have you ever seen Little Miss Sunshine? One of my favorite parts in that movie is when Olive orders ice cream for breakfast -- her dad makes her feel shitty for it and then the whole family chimes in to eat the ice cream and make her feel better.

Her mom says, "Olive, you can be fat or thin or whatever you want to be! As long as it's what YOU want!"

AMEN! FAT SANTA, BRING IT ON!!! Man, if I got an opportunity to eat that many delicious cookies I would gladly be overweight :-)

Christmas wishes to you and yours buddy! Keep those posts a' comin'!

~ Lauren

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Yah! I love fat Santa! Bring on the delicious cookies!
but shhhh... dont tell all our crazy sexy friends! LOL! they'll stone us with cukes. I must admit, I LOVE all the raw, but man, I sooooo miss all the sugar lol!